Maintenance Tips For a Clean Kitchen Stove

Clean Kitchen Stove

Rush Hour Stove Oven Repair Specialist

At Rush Hour Appliance Repair, we not only care for the internal parts of your unit but for its surface appearance. That is why we recommend our clients the proper cleaning and the use of certain products that will enhance the overall appearance of your unit and your kitchen without harming the environment. Here is the list of what you can do to keep a pristine kitchen look.

Broiler Pan and Cooktops

Are you searching for stove oven repair because it looks dirty with stains impossible to remove, broiler pans come with porcelain-coated steel easy to clean. If a non-abrasive cleanser is not enough, we can replace the broiler pan instead, with the one called the Broiler Pan and Insert.

Control panel

Most control panels are glass and/or painted metal. You can safely use non-abrasive cleaners and Deodorizer Parts. However, never spray them directly onto the control panel. Instead, use a soft damp rag when wiping the surface.

Burner drip pans

Drip pans or bowls on a gas stove/range and beneath should be cleaned every 2 to 3 years because, once they’re stained, it’s hard to remove the stains completely.

Oven windows

Always clean glass with products made for this purpose.

Clean your glass oven windows with any regular oven glass cleaner; however, be careful not to clean glass surfaces after cooking because they might be hot!

Knob care

You may be able to clean the knobs on your range/oven with dish detergent. However, if the numbers or lettering have worn away, replace the knobs if it bothers you. We can order original replacement knobs for your range/oven or offer you the universal knob sets we carry in our trucks that will fit in a wide variety of different ranges/ovens.

Light bulbs

This one is an easy fix that you can do on your own, but if you need help, replace the light bulb(s) in your range/oven. However, you may need to remove a glass covering or dome to reach it, but we can do that for you too. Most interior oven lights require a universal 40-watt appliance bulb, and we carry them in our service trucks also.

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Rush Hour Refrigerator Repair Service

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When you’re wearing clean clothes, you feel more confident and put together. However, when the machine that’s supposed to clean your clothes isn’t working how it should, it can be a struggle to continue your daily life like nothing’s wrong.

If your GE front-load washer isn’t starting, it can feel like your whole machine needs to be replaced. However, it is possible that you could hire a professional GE appliance repair to sort out what the issue is. Before you call for the professionals, check for these five things are not what’s causing the issue:

Check The Power

Sometimes, the plug for your washer can fall off the electrical outlet. You might think that your front-load washer isn’t starting when it’s simply because it’s not plugged in. Ensure that you’ve correctly plugged in the washer, it’s on, and that the breaker switch is turned on.

If you live in a home with the main fuse box or electrical board, you might have to check whether it’s turned on from there. Once you’ve ascertained that everything is plugged in, try turning it on again.

Door Switch Problems

All front-load washers come with a door switch. It is essentially a safety feature that ensures that the door is locked before the machine starts. If the switch starts malfunctioning, your machine might not startup.

If you think that the door switch is the problem, you can check it out. Start closing the door slowly and see where the door locks into the machine. If the door isn’t getting correctly locked or comes unlocked after some time, there’s a problem with the switch. You will have to get it replaced.

Timer Knob Malfunction

When you have a timer knob on your washing machine, you should know that it can wear out, especially if your machine is old. If the washer doesn’t start once you’ve set the timer, it might be because the knob has worn down. If you can’t see the timer setting to the time you’ve put it for, you might need to get the whole component replaced.

You can also check for continuity using a multimeter; however, this can be quite complicated.

Drive Motor

All washers generally utilize a motor that spins and agitates the clothes within the washer. When the drive motor isn’t working, the entire washer might not be able to work at all. So if you’re facing difficulties getting the washer to start, it might be the drive motor that’s causing the problem.

Electric Control Board

Your washer’s electric control board controls all components in your washer. When even one wire starts malfunctioning on this board, it can be disastrous for your entire washer.

However, the only way you can tell that your electric control board isn’t working is to inspect it visually. Only a professional washing machine repair expert can get to this component and see if something is wrong.

Is Your Front Load Washer Not Starting? We Can Help

If your GE front-load washer isn’t starting, it can make you worry about what’s potentially wrong. When you want to find a resolution as soon as possible, it’s time to call Rush Hour Appliance Repair. Our experts can help you understand what’s wrong and how it can be fixed. When you’re ready to get your washer fixed, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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