When running a home, many aspects require constant care and attention. While your refrigerator is a durable and solid appliance, there can be times when it requires repairs, but how can you tell?

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There are many dependable refrigeration brands on the market. And when something goes wrong, you’d like to think it will be an easy fix since appliances are so expensive. When dealing with refrigerators, we know that LG is one of the top brands out there. So, when you find yourself in need of reliable and affordable appliance repair services, it is important to know where to turn for help.

Rush Hour Appliance offers reliable and affordable appliance repairs for all major brands, including LG. We have proudly served South Florida for over 12 years and have trusted technicians who offer both professionalism and kindness. Located in Sunrise, Florida, our goal is to offer the best customer service to all Broward County residents. Rush Hour Appliance makes it a point to offer both reliable and affordable appliance repair for all brands and appliances.

Are LG refrigerators reliable?

LG claims that their refrigerators have a lifespan of around 20 years, which is much longer than that of other brands. LG has been a top brand for many years, and several customers have had reliable and steady functions from their LG refrigerators. When you pay for an appliance, you want it to last.

What are some common problems with LG refrigerators?

As reliable as an appliance brand may be, it doesn’t mean that you will not run into problems or maintenance issues. That is why it is so important to know of a reliable appliance repair company such as Rush Hour Appliance. Some common issues LG customers have run into with their refrigerators include cooling defects, faulty compressors, and issues with the ice maker. Should you run into any of these problems, Rush Hour Appliance offers solutions to all of them so that you can get the most life out of your costly refrigerator.

We all want the best life out of our appliances, but repairs and maintenance will most likely be required. Rush Hour Appliance offers the best services in the area and at an affordable price. Our 24-hour emergency service means that you will never have to worry about when you will receive help. We can be there to get your appliance back in working order. No matter the brand, things can go wrong, but we make it a point to be there to make them right. Call today at 954-675-4995

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Whether it’s a broken-down refrigerator, dryer, or any other home appliance, you might be tempted to try fixing things by yourself. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always turn out well as it often leads to even more damage to the appliance. Indeed, it takes courage to repair damaged appliances, but the issue is that it often turns out bad.

It’s often better to get professional appliance repair because of the numerous benefits attached to it. Experts recommend care and due diligence when searching for a professional appliance repairer. Still wondering why you need a professional for your repairs?

1. A Professional Will Save You Money

Why think of buying a new appliance when you can fix the old one at a lower price. In fact, most damages can be fixed by a few minor replacements. Therefore, it’s easy to say you’ll pass on the cost of purchasing a new appliance. Also, investing in a professional helps to prevent further damage. Lastly, professional repairs mean that you won’t need to take the DIY route, where you’ll potentially make some irreversible mistakes.

2. Safety First

Another significant reason why people opt for professional repair is to be on the safe side. Handling appliance repairs could put you in potential danger. Fortunately, many professional repairers have the right knowledge and experience to handle every repair. They already know what to touch and what to avoid if the situation gets potentially messy.

3. You Can Expect Quick Repairs

Another perk of having an expert handle all your appliance repairs is the speed they are characterized by. Professionals typically have experience with several different types of repair issues. Therefore, it’ll be easy for them to diagnose the problems. Apart from quickly analyzing the problem, experts will also provide quick solutions so that your appliance can get back to full functionality as soon as possible. Trying to fix the appliance yourself will usually take more time without the guarantee that you’ll succeed in it.

4. A Professional Will Notice and Fix Other Issues

A standard repair person knows what to look for in a broken appliance. Their inspections are usually detailed, allowing them to spot all actual and potential problems that could affect the operation of your appliance. Therefore, they won’t just find and repair the problem, but they’ll also have their eyes on other potential issues that may cause future damage to the appliance.

5. A Professional Only Needs To Fix The Problem Once

One significant feature that stands professional technicians out is their ability to spot problems and fix them well. In addition to fixing the problem, a licensed professional would also ensure that the problem doesn’t repeat itself. Unfortunately, many people deal with the same problem several times when they try to fix it by themselves.

Rush Hour Appliance Repair

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