Oven Repair Tips When Is Not Baking Properly

Oven Repair Tips When Is Not Baking Properly

 Be Careful: Gas Oven Repair Tips: Why is your oven not baking?

Here you can find oven repair tips in order to test for common problems found before calling a professional appliance repair technician.

  • If you are not quite sure how to test your oven, you should follow these tips. The first thing that can happen is that the ignition is not working well. To verify this, it  is not enough to just look because you have to measure the amperage. Just because the light turns red doesn’t mean your oven is going great… And not because the light is off it means you need an  oven repair. You should note that an insufficient power supply will not allow the gas valve to open. The numbers you should take note are these ones: for curved ignition, the normal is a current of 3.2 to 3.6 amps. And, with the flat ignitors, it should be between 3.2 and 3.6 amps

Is your oven not self-cleaning?

  • Self clean latch bent or misaligned. Inspect for proper alignment to make sure that latch is contacting the latch switch.
  • Defective self clean latch switch. Run continuity check.
  • Bad function selector switch. Run continuity check on switch.

Is your gas oven not getting hot enough and needs an oven repair?

  • Sluggish ignitor. A good ignitor will fire the oven in less than three minutes. If it takes longer than this, the ignitor is starting to go. Measure ignitor current draw as described above. As the ignitor gets sluggish, it takes longer for it to fire the burner as the oven cycles on and off while the in use thus lowering operating temperature.
  • Oven door gasket ripped or torn.

Is your oven door stuck closed?

  • Defective ERC. Check for error code in display. If error code given, check against manufacturer’s code explanations in owner’s manual or tech data sheet inside oven control panel.
  • Misaligned self clean latch. Disassemble oven to manually free latch and realign or replace as needed. Remember, a professional hand in oven repair is always a good idea.

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