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Rush Hour Refrigerator Repair Service

Keeping your appliances run smoothly is essential to cover all the daily chores that are a necessity in our lives. However, if one is malfunctioning, having a trusted company like Rush Hour Appliance Repair is a must! Household appliances are expensive and unexpected breakdowns might catch someone off guard to pay out of pocket money. That is why a repair service should always be the first option if it’s worth saving the unit.

What if your washing machine stopped working and flooded the laundry area, or your small appliance began to give off sparks or catch on fire? Luckily, Rush Hour Appliance Repair has extensive experience in the fields of washer/dryer, refrigerator, and small appliance repair such as microwaves. One of our in house trained professionals can be on route to your home immediately after your phone call.

Finding a house that doesn’t have a refrigerator is rare; unless it is a studio, but still a small studio has a small fridge. What is common though, is small apartments missing a washer and dryer set. Either way, if a refrigerator suddenly stops working, coolers with ice are the first option for placing the perishable food, and calling an appliance repair technician should be next.

We understand that you can’t wait till tomorrow when you need a refrigerator repair service, and that’s why we have round the clock technicians!

Most appliances experience some malfunction or interruption before they are completely dead. It’s essential that you don’t force the unit once you hear a bad sound, because at some point the unit could be saved. Sometimes these are minor problems that can be handled by the owner, for example, a blown light bulb that can easily be fixed. However, other minor problems provide a sign of an underlying problem that should be addressed by a technician. At Rush Hour Appliance Repair we can inspect your unit and give you an idea of the actual condition; possibly calculating their remaining lifespan.

Based on this information, you can decide whether buying a new unit it’s the right choice or having the current one repaired. If you decide you’d like to buy a new one, our experts know what brands are better than others and the latest trends in energy efficient units. While some appliance malfunctions may look easy to fix, it’s good to know when you should call Rush Hour Appliance Repair. Call today 954-675-4995

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