3 Types Water Filters – AC Repair Fort Lauderdale

3 Types Of Water Filters – AC Repair Fort Lauderdale

Pitcher Filters

These are perfect editions to any kitchen, space saving, and convenient these filters do not require installation of any kind and range around $30-$50 for the triple-layer filter.

Adaptable Sink Filters 

Sink Filters provide a way to clean the stream of water coming directly from your kitchen sink faucet and are very easy to install. Sink Filters range anywhere from $20-$80 and are pretty much worth every penny and eventually pay for themselves in bottled water cost.

Inline Water Filters

Inline water filter are almost certainly the best choice of all three – why? Because these filters can remove every particle of hard water from toilets, tubs, and showers. These filters usually require a plumber as the water needs to be turned off to install the filter. These filters will also soften the water in addition to cleaning it, making it an easy choice if they are within your budget.

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3 Types Water Filters - AC Repair Fort Lauderdale

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