Appliance Dryer Maintenance Can Prevent Fires

Necessary Dryer Maintenance Monthly

Household fires destroy homes and sometimes tragically take lives. Flames can roar through the house unexpectedly, but the culprit may have been lurking in an unexpected place:  the laundry room.

dryer-vent-cleaning-300x188“Dryer fires are preventable with periodic dryer maintenance to remove lint buildup inside the unit and the venting hose,” said Tony Francios, president of Rush Hour Appliance Repair Sunrise Florida.
Rush Hour Appliance recommends these tips to keep your dryer operating properly:

–       Only use solid metallic exhaust vents that are smooth and not spiral-wound– because vinyl, foil and spiral wound venting restrict air flow they collect more lint and are at a higher risk to catch on fire. The exhaust should only vent to the outside of the houses — never to the attic or crawlspace.

–       The vents should be as straight as possible, with all excess venting trimmed off. Twisting or crushing exhaust piping restricts the airflow

–       Don’t use screws to put your vent pipe together, because the screw shafts inside the piping collect lint and cause additional friction.

–       Keep the exhaust duct in good condition by disconnecting, cleaning and inspecting the duct on a regular basis. Or hire a licensed appliance professional to check it out for you.

–       Keep the dryer as lint-free as possible by cleaning the lint screen or filter before or after each load of clothes. Hire a licensed appliance professional to clean the interior of the dryer chassis and inspect the rollers, belt, motor and heating system every one to two years.

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